Hey heyy! Amanda Collette here, small town girl who has bigger than life dreams to make an impact on those around me and be a light in this world. Most days you can find me snuggled up in our country home with my two little mini-me's, ages 3 & 1. We are usually on an outside adventure, whether it be just taking care of our backyard chickens or our next camping endeavor with my husband. I'm all about yoga pants, because everyone feels their best in yoga pants, and protein shakes on the go.

I get pretty excited about women's portraiture and both posed and lifestyle newborn and children documentation. I guess you could say I like working with the tough critics! Women, who in their nature don't see their true beauty and are always self critical and then snuggly, wiggly, fresh babies who can be the test of patience. But, they are soooo cute...and snuggly! I suppose it's the feeling of overcoming the obvious obstacles in each style and creating gorgeous works of art that just has me hooked! It's funny, I actually set my photography business aside just before starting a family and crazy enough, I relaunched because I'm driven to be a present momma while also being an entrepreneur, empowering women and creating emotion invoking art.

Whichever element of my photography brought you here, women's empowerment boudoir or family lifestyle documentation, click the link above for more! 

Much love and excitement that you're here!