I became passionate about photographing boudoir after my first session and seeing how raw, pure and empowering the experience was. It wasn't just standard poses, standard outfits, standard locations or ANYTHING STANDARD. It was talking women down from self critic, it was empowering them with true affirmations and empowerment when they needed it, it was making women feel something about themselves that they might have forgotten. So many clients have initially messaged me saying, "I'm so nervous to do this that I feel like I might be sick, but I NEED to schedule a boudoir session!" 


After that initial burst of courage to just reach out, I hook you up with the full details of my sessions and walk you through the whole experience, how to prepare and what to expect. 95% of ladies say, "I don't know how to pose or look like that", and I say "No worries, I’ll show ya!" I demonstrate each pose and instruct you from your hair to your toes, while still creating an upbeat and super relaxed and fun environment. What you see is what I've instructed, because I don't shoot models. The experience includes a jam session with some upbeat music, good laughs and some goofiness to lighten those nerves that tend to kick in. It’s just a good time with a new girlfriend! 


I was honestly a little hesitant on how a small town fan base would take to boudoir and grow, but man oh man, the verdict is in!


"Thank you soooo much Amanda!! You have made me feel so comfortable and unstoppable."

Some testimonials from recent ladies after their shoot and gallery viewing include: 

"Thank you soooo much Amanda!! You have made me feel so comfortable and unstoppable."

"I have been so confident since the shoot it's weird!"

"I was so nervous. I feel so amazing. I can't believe that is me."

"I have a low self esteem so it really helped when you talked me through everything and just encouraged me."

"I can honestly not pinpoint exactly what you did to make me comfortable but it was just you doing your thing that you do naturally."

"I have been so confident since the shoot it's weird!"

"I'm so proud of myself!! Thank you for helping me out of my shell! You are AMAZING!"

I'm so glad I chose the Full Collection!! It was so much fun & I see myself doing another one!"

"I may be 250 lbs, but I rocked it! Yup, totally tooting my own horn!"

"I never thought is would feel some relaxed and okay with “me”. It was so much fun! You’re a true artist Amanda!"




I offer fully personalized fine art and documentary women’s boudoir portrait sessions, in studio, on location in your own home and in the great outdoors! Hair and makeup services are also provided right on site the hour before your session. 

The most popular session is the Full Collection 90 minute personalized session. With this option, we can really have fun and capture anything in your dreams and it gives you the time to relax. Think of a mix of attire like an oversized sweater off the shoulder paired with panties, followed with a simple lace bodysuit, then a fancy garter belt and stockings getup, maybe a white T-shirt and jeans mixed with a water spray bottle and finish just wrapped up in white sheets or a blanket for a simple and sultry feel.  If you’re at home, think lingerie on the counter, oversized sweater curled up by the fire, just wrapped in your master bedroom sheets, a creamy themed milk bath, steamy in the shower (clothed or not!) or sitting on the back porch drinking coffee in your skivvies, you name it! I have lots of ideas that make me giddy!


My boudoir experiences start at just $190. My average client invests an average of $450 in final products to cherish for years to come. 

Shoot me a message so we can chat about what would fit you the best. 

Already have done a studio boudoir session, are now addicted to the experience and want more? Check out my signature stylized theme days for a little thrill! 


With warmer temps approaching, it's time to venture outside and feel a little extra thrill!
A beautiful forest, mossy covered logs, and private pond right on studio property!